Mario Speedrun Record Video – The Plumber Again

It has been seen that the world record has been set for the game with most downloads and installs in week. Super Mario Run is the second most popular game released just 2 weeks ago. Clash of Clans still leads the record but Super Mario Run has done an excellent work coming up in this short period of time. Super Mario Run is engineered out of the great classical Mario bros game which is played on video games on television. There are several modes in it like the world tour where players get stuck to win. Super Mario Run( ) has become so popular that Google has dedicated March 10 as the Mario day (MAR10) this day is also celebrated by Nintendo for its classical Mario release day. Mario is partially free and then users have to pay nearly $10 to play the game till the end. There is an ongoing 50 percent discount going on. A major breakthrough update is also much awaited which is likely going to release in the fall of 2018. The update is going to give major customization options to the players.

It is being heavily said that the price should be lowered as statistics show only 1-2 percent of users actually purchase the full version of the game. This percentage can be increased to 10 if the game price could be lowered to $2. This will increase the company’s revenue by double which is said to be $30,000,000 currently. Nintendo expects to increase its figure to 10 times after the release of World 2 through 6 updates. There is also work going on to develop a World Star Mode.

Only the first 3 levels are free and unlocked. Rest of the levels have to be unlocked by paying for the app. Version 2.0 extends the limitation if players perform well in the game. There is no advertisement in the game.

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